On the morning of Fagan Vad 8th, the 21st Vachanamrut of the First Chapter of Gadhada was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said to keep constant touch with a saint so that day by day more and more can be known about God’s glory. Bapashri said, “The opportunity is very good and seize it. This opportunity will not remain forever. All of a sudden, this body may leave the world or opportunity may cease; therefore make haste. It is just like threading pearl in the spark of lightening. Just as when it rains, there is water everywhere and after it stops, one cannot find it-similarly that opportunity is temporary. Once this opportunity is lost, it is very rare to get it. If others meet, there will be flaw of company, whereas Muktas will not allow the flaw of company and liberate us. Just as innumerable alligators fishes, etc are happy in the sea; similarly infinite Jivas are happy by the grace of those Muktas and you have come in this auspicious time. Muktas are so powerful that mere thought of them will take crore of cosmos in Akshardham.” Such discloser of secret has come; even then if you remain miserable, whose fault is it? Bapashri said, “Today you have eternal Maharaj and Muktas; there is no one else. Their service is also eternal. How effective it is! It is very effective for example, here is a piece of vegetable (he has a piece of vegetable in his hand), if you offer it to Mukta, the offerer will get the power to give ultimate liberation to endless Jivas of cosmos. This piece of vegetable, which is worth of penny, gives such a big power for the service. Then what to talk of the happiness by listening to the talks of bliss of Maharaj, service of great Muktas and value of their offerings? How can one get the secret of their bliss? Such divine service is available. This Jiva feels no need to acquire. It (Jiva) is so foolish that it runs after taste, beauty, affection, honour, etc. The fruit of rosary, mental worship, devotion, religious vows, dharma (duty), katha-varta, etc which you are doing presently is the bliss of Maharaj’s Murti and I bless you and promise to get for you this with pleasure. || 91 ||