On the day of Kartak Vad 2nd, the 37th Vachanamrt of Gadhada First Chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, there is a reference about the injury in the thigh of Maharaj caused by a sharp tree stub in His childhood. Then Bapasri said, “Swami Vrndavandasji had fallen ill when he was in Bharasar; but when he left for Narayanapur he recovered.

Karsan Harji asked, “Bapa! What illness did Swami have?” Bapasri replied, “According to the norms of Sriji Maharaj the one who is a renouncer should not go to his birthplace. So Swami used not to go to Bharasar. But as the devotees requested me much to bring Swami to Bharasar to give darsan to all, it is I who brought him to Bharasar. Because of my command he did come; but as he did not like to come, he invited illness. When he started from Bharasar and came to Narayanapur, it seemed that he had become all right. When great saints show their unwillingness indirectly, it is for giving lesson to others.” In this way, Bapasri gave many talks and finished the topic.

At that time Somchandbhai, Amrtlalbhai, Sivlalbhai, etc. came for darsan from Vantavadar. They had brought with them a letter from Bhurabhai and Mansukhbhai. Swami read that letter to Bapasri. In that letter, there was a request to Bapasri to accept Sivlal as his disciple. Bapasri granted that request. Then Bapasri along with two Sadgurus caught his hand and initiated him into vartaman. Bapasri redeemed him of all his misdeeds and holding his wrist Bapasri said, “Is there anyone except Lord Swaminarayana in infinite cosmoses who could forgive misdeeds?” Then praising Somchandbhai Bapasri said to Sivlal, “This learned man has been certified by me. He is a learned man with wisdom. Have association of this learned man and Lalubhai and remain within the commands of Maharaj.” Then having performed puja of Bapasri and making a big circular mark on Bapasri’s forehead with kumkum, all the three devotees offered garlands of groundnuts, coconuts and dates to Bapasri. At that time Bapasri gracefully looked somewhat peculiar. Then Swami Vrndavandasji said jokingly, “O carefree sadhu! Where have you come from?” Bapasri said, ‘Saune vas karun re, sahuno karan hun Bhagvan. Yahan se aye he, yah murti hamere khavand he’ (I control all and I am God of all. I have come from there, this Murti is my master). After sometime Bapasri came out and sat on a chair in the sunlight. Swami Isvarcharanadasji and Swami Vrndavandasji came there. Then Swami Vrndavandasji sat near Bapasri and began to read Siksapatri. Bapasri asked to read. So Swami recited a sloka tried to explain its meaning. Bapasri said, “This Siksapatri is like pincers with which I can hold you. It is a meter which with I can know wheather you obey the commands of Maharaj or not. ‘tarbi janun, dhabbi janun, osan nahi aya’. When any sastri comes here, I ask him whether he obeyed that or not. Thus, I hold a sastri in this way.” Then Bapasri distributed prasad to all. While distributing prasad, he recited a devotional song ‘nahi ave feri, nahi ave feri, a avsar nahi ave feri’ (this opportunity will not come again, will not come again). Then at 2:00 p.m., Bapasri along with the saints and devotees went to bathe. There they all bathed in the stream and after bathing embraced one another; and all performed mansi puja. Then at the request of the devotees, Bapasri along with saints and devotees went directly to Narayanapur. ||13 ||