On the morning of Fagan Vad 8th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “If the devotee of God commits any sin knowingly or unknowingly, he should repent it. If the sin of killing small creatures like ants, etc. is committed, we should chant jap of mahamantra Swaminarayan. Repentance should be done according to the sin. The body becomes pure by doing repentance and jiva becomes pure by doing meditation. The attribute of tam increases by doing much penance and as a result Shriji Maharaj is forgotten and one can not follow the norms of the sect. Such excessive penance or Vrat should not be done. Fasting and vrat for repentance are debts. That debts must be paid; there is no way out. No one should be betrayed and if knowingly or unknowingly it happens, it should be got forgiven by praying to Him who has been betrayed. To do rosary, perform mental worship five times, to meditate, to sing devotional song, to do katha, varta, to observe norms, to do duties – whatever we do is all Brahmyagna and it is credited and at the end its fruit is bliss of Murti which Muktas give who take us in the bliss.

Saint Purushottamcharandasji asked, “Which should be known as Gotra?” Bapashri replied, “Those who are devotees of Swaminarayan following five morals (panch vartman), should be known as that Gotra. || 70 ||