On the morning of Vaishakh Vad 12th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked, “The soul gets pleasure in the talks of spiritual world whereas senses get pleasure in the talks of this world. The enemy like lust etc. does not give way by adopting the means of jap (chanting of mantra), penance, etc., and there will not be peace. Inner peace can be achieved by meditating on Murti of Shriji Maharaj and the enemy of the soul will be destroyed like Verabhai. The jiva is not doing meditation and blames Muktas and says why they are not removing faults. Discourses heard outwardly will not cause soul to become calm but senses will become calm by it. If he gets detached from the activity and seizes Murti, he will be happy for ever. Therefore we should associate with Muktas and achieve Murti. The fruit of association is sure. Just as there is cover of husk on rice grains and it ripens rice. Thereafter we remove the husk and take out rice from it. Similarly, Murti should be realized through means. Afterwards means should be given up. Means should not be kept after getting Murti. Only Murti should be kept because Murti is angi (whole) and means are parts of it. Just as the bird is whole and its wings are part. Similarly, cause i.e. Murti is whole and an activity (karya) i.e. means are parts. Murti is achieved with means but means should not be insisted on. If they are insisted, they will not allow to stick to Murti. Just as if we drop a log in the water it will come out but stone will not come out. Similarly, if we strive for Murti and do not insist for means, we will not come out of Murti. If we remember education, means etc. leaving aside Murti, we are putting efforts in waste. Then Mahaprabhuji and great Muktas will think that he is childish. He will elaborate by collecting things necessary for it and becomes happy. It is known as means (karya) but the one having the feelings of Ekantik will not find happiness in it. This talk is meant for those who dwell in Murti. Those who can not dwell in Murti constantly should use wealth in the Satsang for the pleasure of Shriji Maharaj and saints. It is very much beneficial because one can overcome illusion (maya) and gets salvation. Just as if some one jumps into the sea by a box of rupees two thousand, he will be drawn but if he gets ship built by the same and sits in it, he can cross the sea. Similarly, if money is used in worldly affairs it is binding and it is having attributes. On the other hand if it becomes useful to Maharaj and saints, it is beneficial and without attributes.” || 26 ||