On the morning of Vaishakh Vad 4th, the 2nd Vachanamrut of Sarangpur was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that if God and great saints make proper or improper statements should be believed soon with love.

Then teacher Lallubhai of Modasar asked, “Which statement of saint should be considered as improper?” Bapashri said, “The guru preaching his disciple by remaining in attributes it is said to be improper statement and remaining in pure satwa attribute means preaching without attribute and even if he scolds is called proper statement. If the disciple believes improper statement of thr guru, he is said to have obeyed commands of Shriji Maharaj if the disciple does not separate from the guru on account of his improper statement, it is said that he has borne agony of death by hanging (shuli-a kind of death sentence). The disciple should not use tricks before the guru and should not be intriguing, and should not do topsy-turvy. He should not deceive and he should not be fraudulent. Then guru and Maharaj will be pleased and will be liberated. Therefore after becoming pure one should go to Akshardham. Fraudulent means will not be useful. He will not get Akshardham and will have to come back (rebirth). When such guru and such Maharaj are met why we should not become pure- we must. Hypocrate guru should be discarded but the disciple and the guru should not keep affection for each other. The guru who accepts service of his disciple will also liberate him – we should live with such guru. Even if an unwanted thing is not given up then how can Maharaj and Muktas be pleased? He has not got the path of saint. Therefore undesirable guru and undesirable disciple should be discarded. Sewa (service) means getting up early, performing pooja after bath and routine work and do katha, varta, for devotee. The one who has this knowledge and in case passione is there in both, he will have to go to Indralok or Brahmalok but this knowledge will also be there. There after when he comes here leaving those abodes after repentance, he treads on the path of liberation, and then he achieves the goal, such is the importance of this knowledge.

Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “Why is there lethargy though such opportunity is there?” Bapashri said, “First of all there is some defect in resolution, secondly there is defect in understanding of greatness and thirdly the faith is not full, so there is lethargy. If he always keeps Maharaj and Anadi Muktas with him, they will make him realize the divinity of satsang, the resolution and the greatness will be made firm. As a result his flaws like lethargy, laziness, etc. will disappear. After saying so, he said listen! Alikhan Pathan listened to Shriji Maharaj’s talk for six months and he repeated all, but saints could not. He was such a listener and we should become such listener.

Then again Swami asked, “The one who know Maharaj as He is with the knowledge of His greatness and also knows Muktas as they are but could not see them in the soul. Whether can this devotees’ senses and conscience be called to have become form of Purushottam or not?” Bapashri said, “The knowledge got by one through Anadi Mukta is divine. Therefore even if he does not see Murti, he has become form of Purushottam because his intellect has become divine for Shriji Maharaj and Anadi Muktas who are here in the human form. Therefore he has become form of Purushottam provided his motive is not against commands. Saying so Bapashri said, you all have been kept in Murti and the activity of body is done by Maharaj. The opportunity which you have got has not been got by anyone- it should not be wasted. There is such happiness, big achievement, got Maharaj even then he is uneasy and puzzled and feels that he has nothing but what is not there? Everything is there in this assembly but he does not have understanding of the greatness of this assembly. So he desires to see Akshardham after death but everything is here in this world. But it is not understood thus so he waits for Akshardham and waits for assembly and Murti and thinks that he will see them when he goes to Akshardham. This is the ignorance and there is defect in his determination. All happiness is there in this assembly but unnecessarily feels unfulfilled. Shriji Maharaj, Anadi and Param Ekantik Muktas give darshan in this assembly. Though they are all powerful but bears with honour, dishonour by ordinary Jiva. Jiva is atheist so does not understand them as divine. Everything is there in satsang and that too not elsewhere but here only-do not search for it. Where can you get such saints and Mukta who tell you everything? These Muktas are shadows of Shriji Maharaj. They installed Shriji Maharaj in their soul so all gods up to Akshar left away and only Maharaj become God. All actions of jiva are done through Maharaj and it is said in the transcendental way but not in the way of imminence. Imminence is from Aksharkoti to Jivakoti only. Whereas all activities are done by Maharaj dwelling in soul transcendently. People make garba and holes are made in them and inside lamps are kept. Their light is seen through holes. Similarly Shriji Maharaj does all activities in senses by dwelling in soul. He sees through eyes, walks through legs, hears through ears-thus all activities are done by Maharaj. The air which touches such great Muktas and if it touches someone, he will be liberated. Just as the smell comes from flowers, etc, similarly the one who gets touch of Maharaj and Muktas, will get their happiness. In every Muni there are many group of Munis because Maharaj and Muktas are dwelling in soul so they became many from one. Sadguru Shri Nirgundasji Swami came here for getting donation for the assembly hall of Bhuj. I used to go with him to villages. On the way saints went ahead, on a turn I and Swami remain behind so Swami stop saints by showing his stick and said that innumerable saints are with us such are we two, but as per the norms of the satsang we have to follow it otherwise crores of Muktas are with us. Saying so is also not enough even then saints have to be stopped because Shriji Maharaj has given the rules of religion which should be observed by great Muktas then only seekers will observe them.

Then Swami said, “Let you be always with us. Bapashri said, “Certainly I shall always be with you but you keep me with you, means I am always near. In case if the commands small or big is violated one should know that, I am there and if commands are obeyed, I shall come without asking. But should not think that I was there but now I am not there. If he knows thus the command will be violated, therefore he should know that I am always with him. || 174 ||