In Samvat year 1982, Bapasri was in Saraspur. The mother of Kanjbhai and Manjibhai had fever on a particular day. On that day Bapasri gave darsan to a devotee in Vrspur along with infinite saints and Maharaj. He asked Bapasri where all those saints would be lodged and what they would be given for food. Bapasri told him that his mother would have fever today and on the day after tomorrow he would come to fetch her- saying so, Bapasri disappeared. She had fever and on the third day Bapasri fetched her by giving darsan to that devotee. Bapasri got a telegram about her death. Bapasri told Swami that she had fallen last year from the upper storey and there was much injury and she was to be put in Aksardham but he had refused. Then Bapasri told him that he wanted to keep her but she would be hurdle for him even then he made her to keep. Today she became obstacle because they would have to leave whereas they wanted to stay there for fifteen to twenty days. Saying so, Bapasri got ready and came to Vrspur. There parayana was arranged and her work was done in a big way. || 91 ||