In the morning in assembly Bapasri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “The one who wants bliss of Murti, should remain in satsang as servant’s servant. He should keep love with God’s devotees as the fish has love for water, should remain humble, and should constantly worship Maharaj so that Maharaj and muktas will be pleased. When we consider Maharaj as our fate, we should think twice before abusing anyone, because happiness or misery is there by the wish of Sriji Maharaj. If we wish evil of anyone, it should be known that our faith in Sriji Maharaj is not complete and we do not consider Him as doer of everything. Even if young son dies one should think that creation, maintenance and destruction is all lila of Sriji Maharaj. Whatever Indra, Brahma, etc. do, they are doing it according to the commands of Sriji Maharaj- it should be believed thus. If anyone falls ill and if he is cured by medicine, we should not believe that medicine has cured him- when Maharaj gets involved in it, one is cured. In every activity, Sriji Maharaj should be considered as the doer and His work as doer should not be underestimated. Nobody can even tear a dry leaf. Therefore, one should not violate Sriji Maharaj’s command for the happiness of body. Then only Maharaj and great muktas become pleased. Muktas of Maharaj are like the tree of nectar. From wherever you use them, it is nectar. To serve them, to touch them, etc. is also nectar. The body of five elements is the tree of poison- wherever we touch it, one will be affected by poison- to eat it is poison, to drink it is poison, in every use it is poison. Therefore, throw it away and above our three bodies (physical, subtle and causal) believe ourselves as the form of Maharaj’s luminescence and install His Murti in it so that we can become happy. There is no happiness anywhere excepting in Murti. Luminescence emits like jet from that Murti. If he achieves that, jiva will become happy otherwise there is no happiness up to Aksar. Therefore, one should not wish anything except Murti. Jiva has the importance of paroksa (not manifest on earth) but not of pratyaksa (manifest on earth). When one goes to Mathura, Gokul, from there he brings with him clay for the purpose of tilak– such importance he has. But nobody takes away clay of Hamirsar, a lake in Bhuj. Otherwise, just see! Maharaj, Santdasji and great muktas have bathed in it- but is it understood? Service of such great Anadi’s is rare- it is not available to the one whose fate is not fit. No other achievement is greater than that. Therefore, one should not doubt the activity of great muktas. When muktas sleep, we think that they are sniffing but in fact, they are producing humming sound in Murti. While making determination, it should be done after identifying causal Murti. The one who determines from activity has shaking determination. What is that activity? The determination based on such saint, such religion, such renunciation, such big yajna, such practice, etc. If the determination is made after knowing greatness, divinity, and bliss of Murti, that determination never changes under any circumstances. If determination is made with such divine feeling and identifying great Anadis and surrenders his mind to them, they will liberate him in a moment. Otherwise, what is the use of it even if he remains with them for six months. When is it said that mind is surrendered? It is said only then, when he does as told by muktas giving up the liking of his mind. One should not find fault of anyone in such divine satsang. In case some disturbance is seen, understanding should be thus that the opposite party is also worshipping in disturbed mind so bravo to them. We should only keep Murti, which is like chintamani and should get attached to Anadi muktas. Without getting attached to such muktas, Murti is not seen. Sriji Maharaj has said, “I see that Murti itself even now and when I had not come in satsang, I used to see it, when I was in the womb of My mother I used to see it and before coming in the womb, I used to see it. This is the state of anadi mukta.”

Then Bapasri said, “Causal body of jiva is informidably strong; but if a little twinkle of Sriji Maharaj comes in jiva, the causal body burns away soon. Just as a little, spark of fire burn many things. Therefore, to achieve causal Murti, one should get attached to and associate with such Anadi muktas who are form of cause and know greatness. Greatness of great muktas can be described as much as one wants by keeping the Master-servant relationship. It can be said thus that Maharaj is the donor of happiness and muktas are enjoyer of happiness. When can favour of such muktas be realised? This can be realised by putting efforts and realising religion, knowledge, renunciation and devotion. Without the mercy of muktas, jiva’s sight does not reach in anyway in Murti or in bliss of Maharaj. Just see! How great God is! So also, their muktas may also be very great. In Vachanamrt, greatness of Maharaj and great muktas has been written much but without getting attached to muktas, its meaning cannot be understood. What are those meanings? One is paroksabhav (feeling of non-manifest), the second is pratyaksabhav (feeling of manifest) and third is parbhav (feeling of divine perspective). In it at some places state of ekantiks, at some places param ekantiks and at some places Anadis have been talked. This jargon of words can be understood when one knows muktas and gets attached to them, otherwise it will not be understood. To clarify the point an example of plant of millet was given. The stalk of millet is eaten by cattle and grains are eaten by human beings.” Then Bapasri said, “According to realised muktas God is there in every atom- where can there be no God? He is everywhere. Because their (Anadi muktas’) sight is towards Murti- for them there is nothing excepting Murti. Just as when we open closed eyes, the light is not away. Similarly, when ignorant eyes open, (eyes which are closed due to ignorance, will open due to knowledge) Maharaj and muktas are not away. If one meditates on Murti in all three states, and the wind that touched him touches the person who is dying will also be benefited. This opportunity is very good, salvation is easy, and saints are there to give salvation. Therefore, do not violate Maharaj’s limit under influence of mind and senses. And do not find fault with any saint or devotee by seeing his normal activity. How can be known what kind of jiva is his? Therefore, whatever shortcomings, we want to imbibe we should imbibe from ourselves. Muktas may do any activity but they never forget Murti. In our case, we may be doing katha-varta, may be having tendency in God but if anyone comes to us with sword and shield, our tendency will soon be drawn there. Such tendency does not remain in God. Maharaj asked one saint, “What kind of sankalpas you get?” He said, “They are just like keeping sand in fist and pouring on the ground slowly.” Maharaj said, “Not a single sankalpa comes to Me.” This is said for great muktas. Such Maharaj and such muktas are manifest (pratyaksa). Therefore, whatever you wish will be done. Do not forget this opportunity, and keep desire for satsang. We should take such attributes from everyone so that we have attraction for Murti. Just as honeybee makes honey and takes juice even from impure things- such is the quality in its molar tooth. Similarly, we should keep such tendency and take attributes from all. We should consider soul to be separate from three bodies and join Murti. Luminescence emits from Murti. That luminescence is cool and quiet and does not burn us and it also, does not freeze us. Such is the luminescence. Such is the quality of Murti. Therefore, we should join Murti in all activities and look at Him constantly and think about it. We have got such saint, such opportunity. If we do not do it this time, when are we going to do? In the bad time, these muktas help us. This cannot be known just now. Just now, they may be talking with us and at the same time putting some in Aksardham. If such muktas are not recognised, it is a great loss. Sankalpas of muktas work. A devotee in Gujarat saw hundred thousand Gopalanand Swami. He asked, “Why are so many Swamis there, though he is only one?” Then they said that they were manifestation of Gopalanand Swami. Such muktas should be remembered with much love and join Murti. At the time of leaving body, Maharaj and innumerable muktas will come to fetch. Then only real greatness of Maharaj and such Anadis is understood.” || 35 ||