On the noon of Chaitra Sud 6th, Saint Muktavallabhdasji asked a question in assembly, “Why do attributes of illusion (maya) spread even though Maharaj and Muktas have been got?” Then Bapashri said, “Attributes of illusion spread in those who have got Maharaj and Muktas because Maharaj and Muktas want them to come nearer and they also remain humble, show eagerness for Mukta’s association, and do not care for respect so that they associate to Muktas and serve them. As a result, Maharaj and Muktas will be pleased and make them understand greatness with their grace and become one with Maharaj and Muktas. Today we can tread on the path of God because Maharaj and Muktas help us. Thoughts will not arise if he surrenders to Maharaj and great Muktas. || 140 ||