On the day of Vaishakh Vad 7th Bapashri showing his favour talked. He said, “You are so capable that you liberate one Jiva from four kinds of Jivas (swedaj, andaj, udbhij and jarayu) and it is as good as liberating the Jivas of one cosmos. You do not have the knowledge of your capacity. Your thought form works, you are somewhere and your thought form takes some Jiva to Akshardham. You are sitting in this world (avarbhav) but you are actually in Akshadham (parbhav). This cannot be seen with the physical eyes. When the body will become divine, eyes will become infinite (/divine) and with that eye Murti and Mukta can be seen and when any devotee leaves body, he can see him and know that a devotee or saint has gone to Akshardham. Whatever thoughts you make become idols. You cannot be given simile of an elephant or an eagle. Then Bapashri said, “There lived Raibai mother of Narayanji in Bandra. she was suffering from T.B. People used to tell her where is your Swaminarayan. Why does He not come to take you even though you are suffering much. Then at the time of her death Shriji Maharat came to fetch her. Then she asked Him why did He come now? ‘To Ja dadeki dadhiya kute,’-she said that she would not come. Then Shriji Maharaj showed His mirecle in whole village and took her with Him. Formerly the father of Narayanji had no son. Muktanand Swami told him to ask for a son from Maharaj but he refused. Then Shriji Maharaj said, “Swami, you became sakam (desire for fruit) whereas this oldman did not become sakam. Then Narayanji was born and his son is Ravoji. His field was taken away by Vora in debt. Therefore he grew cotton by making agreement with the Vora for growing it. There was bumper crop. He got five thousand koris (currency of Kutch) from the sale of cotton, and took back the field by paying the debt to the Vora and said that my Swaminarayan God kicked the hunger and threw it in the sea. (this means his poverty was done away with by Lord Swaminarayan ). Once it was the day of annual anniversary (shradh) of Narayanji so mother of Ravaji prepared ‘khir‘ (preparation of milk with rice) to give it to Raval. Ravaji send his Mother away and Ravaji ate that ‘khir‘ after offering to shikshapatri. When his mother came she asked him where the khir was meant for Raval. Ravaji replied that he had sent it to his Bava (father). How Raval could send it! Lord Swaminarayan ate it and he said that he had eaten the prasadi and it had reached his father- Ravaji had such a faith.

Then Bapashri said, “The farmer sows sugarcane and millet. If pigs come to eat them the farmer will drive them away and if they look from outside they are shot dead. Similarly, if you care for other abodes or incarnations or miracles excepting Shriji Maharaj- it means eyes turn else where (lono feravyo– change of aims and goals). Therefore, they should not be remembered, because they are not useful activities. Just the king keeps his servants in the kingdom, similarily Shriji Maharaj has kept them (His servants) in cosmos. We have nothing to do with them. Our determination should only be for Shriji Maharaj and His Muktas. Some of you are lost in books and prestige but they are not useful. Bapa requested educated persons to take the comment lightly. The Brahmin perform rituals seeing the auspicious Muhurt even then the Brahmin becomes widower and the Brahmin woman becomes widow, so it is all useless. Only Shriji Maharaj and Mukta are true and should determine that there is nothing excepting them. This determination cannot be changed even by Brahma- such is the power of association, therefore, remain in association. You have met vrundavan means group of muktas whom Maharaj protects. Therefore you calculate the benefit of this achievement. You will become as much as you know Maharaj and Muktas. Nobody has got this achievement. This kind of satsang you got from satsang. It is going to be fulfilled this time. Many incarnations have taken place but nobody has been fulfilled. Therefore get it fulfilled in this birth and see that Maharaj and Muktas do not have to come again. This abode is not achieved even by Bhav, Brahma, etc means Mahakal and Akshar. You have achieved it. Who can allow you to sit near Purushottam? Remember this lila. All this assembly is Muktas and Shriji Maharaj’s incarnation, therefore remember this lila. If all incarnations are understood but if saint or satsangi is not understood, it is not proper. Someone so ignorant that they find fault in Anadi Mukta and believe them- selves as perfect. One becomes saint or satsangi by wearing kanthi but he should not believe himself to be perfect. Fulfillment is not possible without association. One may read Ramayan and Gita with loud voice (rags) but does not care for the words uttered from the mouth of Shriji Maharj but in all scriptures this Vachanamrut and Shikshapatri are the only scripture. To know the greatness of Shriji Maharaj and for getting knowledge there is Vachanamrut and for observing commands there are Shikshapatri and Dharmamrut. All other scriptures are Paroksha (indirect) and if one is attracted in them he is said to have no sense. This is my belief, therefore do not show eagerness for other books and should not think that they are similar means should not be eager for them. Our devotees like Vachanamrut very much. A Purani studied for twelve years but could not read Vachanamrut so he was barred from reading it. So do not do like this. Keep faith in Swaminarayan. This talk may not be like by some saffron wearing saints but this will be very useful in future. Swami Nirgundasji has written that Rajabhai tied three coconuts round his leg and carried them. A saint of Bhuj Krishnacharandasji told me to remove this incident from the book. Then I told him, “Shriji Maharaj graced the house of Vaghari in Limbli and Brahma asked for dust of the feet of gopies. What are you going to do with that. If you doubt the deed of great persons, you will be confused. So do not doubt them.

When the seven days discourse (shaptah) of commentary on Vachanamrut by Bapashri came to end, Bapashri performed pooja of the volume. Them Swami Ishwarcharandasji told Bapashri, “I have written your comments on Vachanamrut and Purani Dharmakishordasji read it and saint and devotees listened it so bless us all.” Bapashri said, “You the writer, kathakar, and listeners, viz Swami Vrundavandasji, Swami Ghanshyamjivandasji, Purani Hariprasaddasji, saint Muktavallabhdasji, Swami Swetvaikunthdasji, Swami Bhagvatswarupdasji,, saint Devjivandasji, Shastri Dharmaswarpdasji and our Braahmchari Nirgunanandji and Purani Keshavpriyadasji, etc thirty saints and about fifty devotees will all be taken to Shriji Maharaj’s Murti in Akshardham. This birth will not go in vain. Bapashri blessed thus. Then Bapashri told to saint of Muli to assist Sadgurus just as Purani Hariprasaddasji assists Sadgurus. If you do so I and Shriji Maharaj will be pleased and will take you to Akshardham. || 205 ||