On the 4th day of Vaishakh Vad, in the morning Bapashri showing his favour said, “Satsang became known in satsang today so the goal (karan) of achieving Muktas and Shriji Maharaj, was realized. Maharaj and Muktas are two goals (karan) and temples, priests, saints, celibates, satsangis are all means (karya). In it there are many poor souls who do not understand as they should understand. They do not have patronage like yours. He, who has understood the greatness of Purushottam by the association of great Muktas, feels Purushottam as omnipresent, but he does not feel maya (illusion) or brahmand. This means maya is done away with. Great Muktas talk about the greatness of Maharaj and Muktas together, but do not tell greatness of Muktas without Maharaj. When Nana Ratna devotee of Vrushpur left for heavenly abode, Swami Achyutdasji saw in Bhuj that the whole earth is full of Maharaj and Muktas just as the mass of gems is filled fully. Therefore, seekers should make their understanding firm by associating with Muktas so that they can see divinity everywhere, and see no fault in any one and realize Murti of Maharaj. This Murti of Maharaj will be installed by great Muktas in their souls. Therefore by making request to great Muktas, they should stick to Murti but there should not be any other thought or no any other thinking. If he goes deep in the bliss of Murti, all means will be realized along with it but by keeping aside Murti if he tries for ages nothing will be realized. Just as the ox of an oil-mill turns round and round but the journey does not end. Similarly one can not achieve anything by means only; but if there is Murti nothing remains incomplete. Just as there is no night as soon as the sun rises. Therefore beginners should also adopt means along with attachment with Murti. Then maya (illusion) will be done away early. Cosmoses, supernatural powers, divinity, etc. detach from Maharaj. If we treat our body to be unreal, everything will become unreal. If only Murti of Mahaprabhuji is there, all real things are achieved. That real thing is Murti of Mahaprabhuji, happiness of Murti and Muktas. They are real and they all are in Murti but not outside Murti. Just as there are particles in earth as well infinite objects. Similarly there is happiness of various kinds in Murti, divinity and Anadi Muktas. When vrutti becomes one with the form of Murti there comes happiness. When great Muktas are pleased and ask for any boon, one should ask for Murti of Maharaj which covers everything. Therefore, there is nothing to ask for except Murti.”

Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “Anadi Muktas who have attained the state of emancipation dwell eternally in Murti. Do they live in It as the soul dwells in body?” Bapashri replied, “Definitely in the same way. Those who associate with them are also liberated and make them of the same state.” Then Swami Vrundavandasji asked, “Why does he who associates with Muktas not know?” Bapashri replied, “Just as father has love for the child puts good thing in the child’s pocket without its knowledge so the child does not know but when it thrusts its hand in the pocket that thing comes in its hand and eats it. Similarly that bliss has been thrust in the soul by Muktas but the soul does not know. He will know it when he will meditate and see It or at the time of death, it will be shown by Muktas, then it will be known.” Saying so, he concluded his talk. || 4 ||