On the day of Karatak Sud 13th, saint Bhaktipriyadasji, etc. group of saints had come from Bhuj to start the work of constructing upper storey of Vrspur temple and Purani Kesavpriyadasji was also residing there. They and devotees, after having thought, Bapasri was sent for, so Bapasri after pleasing all devotees (of Kera) came to Vrspur. In the morning, assembly of saints and devotees was sitting in the porch. They all got up and met Bapasri. Saints told Bapasri that as they wanted to start the work of construction of upper storey and changing the place of well, they said, they would do it as Bapasri wished. Bapasri said, “Whatever work had been done in the temple, we all have the same feeling and satsang is good here. Devotees will do service as much as they can. Therefore, temple will become very nice after the construction of upper storey and well which is here should be taken in front. All of you begin the work remembering Murti. Maharaj, great muktas and saints have said much about importance of seva of a temple so all devotees take as much benefit of seva as possible. I will also do as much as I can. In avarbhav (view from the perspective of this world) the temple means Aksardham. Maharaj is the Master of Aksardham who is sitting inside. In divine perspective (parbhav), Maharaj along with infinite muktas is with us since He has kept in Murti by His mercy- knowing thus, remain joyous. It was talked thus.

While the work of changing the place of well was going on Bapasri was sitting in the porch. He said to the devotees, “Just as the water of the well is salty, tasteless or sweet, similarly, there is a difference in the happiness according to the worthiness of the devotee. I the same way, great muktas, saints and devotees appear differently. Causal Murti is the same for all but the difference which is there in the enjoyer of happiness is due to worthiness because all enjoy happiness from the same Murti. Therefore, become the worthiest and associate with Anadi because Anadi muktas go on taking bliss remaining absorbed in it. For them there is nothing else excepting Murti. Therefore, remaining with such top-notch association one can become the worthiest.”

When the work of the upper storey was going on, Bapasri would sometime sit in the porch or under the shade at the corner of the temple and there Vachanamrt would be read in the morning and afternoon. While Purani read Vachanamrt, Bapasri would talk. All young or old workers were eager to please Bapasri and Bapasri used to show much pleasure on devotees. Once he said in the assembly, “Do the work keeping your tendency in Murti. Sriji Maharaj is the cause of all and keep sight at the cause. Maharaj has prevailed happiness as much as that of Aksardham by giving darsan in this world. Maharaj is looking at the seva, you are doing. Then saints were told that they were also doing much.” Then Bapasri said, “They who do seva here, are looked at by Maharaj with divine sight, and He (Maharaj) is very much pleased. For Him who has such divine feeling, Maharaj is always present. ‘Jyan dekhu tyan Ramji biju kaeen na bhase’ (wherever I see there is Ramji – no one else appear). Such has been said by Anadi Mukta Sadguru Muktanand Swami. ‘rasbas hoi rahi rasiya sang’ (let us remain absorbed in the company of Rasia i.e.God). Such words are understood by one whose sight has become the form of Murti. Extrovert cannot know such incarnation (presence), be introvert. Never see anything else excepting Murti. We are concerned only with Murti.” || 116 ||