On the noon of Bhadarva Vad 1st, the 43rd Vachanamrut of the Middle Chapter of Gadhada was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that a gunatit devotee (who is above all attributes) without any efforts, keeps balance blankly and appears in the state of shushupti (subconsciousness). Bapashri replied, “Shushupti means tranquillity (upsham) and if self-realization is achieved through tranquillity, it is the best but if one becomes independent like God, it is better than the best. He is called as independent as Shriji Maharaj. One should make efforts for such achievement but should not search means for the comfort of body. One should satisfy the hunger with whatever he gets at the time of dining but he should not take all delicious dishes that are given. The one who is matured in his decision will get siddhi (supernatural power) in the form of objects and if he enjoys he is said to be tempted by supernatural power (siddhi) but he does not enjoy them and give them to others he cannot be said as tempted by supernatural power. Look! How many objects come to us but have you ever seen us accepting them?” Then saints said, “You are giving them to their owners. In case any devotee leaves them by insistence, you distribute them among satsangis but you never dine those items.” Then Bapashri said, “I do not dine them for teaching you all. Everything whatever you get should not be enjoyed. All devotees should understand that not everything is meant for enjoyment.

Saint Muktavallabhdasji asked, “What is the meaning of ‘lunke gai‘?” Bapashri replied, “A she-ass was being taken to load her with bags of salt as usual. Instead of putting load of bags of salt, her master put load of bags of sugar cubes, but she had thought that she was loaded with salt. Similarly you have come in this assembly to get attached (keep harmony) to saints and Muktas so get attached -but do not go without getting attached. Do not keep the nature of a child means do not move hither-thither aimlessly and waste the time and do not waste your life time in the three stages of life viz child, young, and old. Become old (means matured) like me. This assembly will not be available again for householder and renunciates. You have come from a long distance crossing the sea and leaving aside your work so go back with this knowledge. But do not do as if come and gone. You have come from Khakharia and Gujarat and take the advantage of your visit. As I am suffering from fever, I am unable to satisfy you with my talk but for your love giving you happiness of good talks- therefore take this happiness with you. In association with this Mukta, you will get Bhagvat Dharma (knowledge of self-realization) and then comes Murti of Maharaj, which is the goal (causal), and when it comes, the devotee does not fall from his goal- therefore Murti should be realized. In this cosmos in the form of body, there is wine means passion and harlot means senses. They have to be driven out and moreover, pride of virtues will have to be given up. The ego/ pride eats away one’s own realized goal, viz. religion, knowledge, renunciation, devotion, etc. in the same way in which scorpion is eaten away by its own young ones. Moreover, there is pride that I am not proud and that pride harms one self. Therefore the pride of not being proud should be avoided. Secondly one should not find faults in great Muktas, instead take their virtues. If their virtues are taken he would get kingdom and sons, etc. whatever he wishes and if he wants to become desireless (passionless) and greedless he becomes so and if there occurs any kind of obstacle it will be destroyed and will become free from Kal (he will win over the death), karma (action), illusion and will be liberated. Even if sinner takes the name of Swaminarayan at the time of death, he will be liberated- means it will become a seed and in his next birth he knows Murti as divine by coming in satsang and understands upasana, and he will get ultimate liberation. || 100 ||