On the evening of Vaishakh Sud 14th, Bapashri and all saints and devotees went to Kakarwadi to bathe. After taking bath, they performed mental worship and held an assembly under the babul tree.

Saint Devjivandasji said, “If association is done but talk is not understood and even forgotten, whether he will be able to understand greatness?” Bapashri replied, “Just as it rains heavily on the field and it is tilled thoroughly and the farmer sows the seeds of millet. Thereafter it does not rain even then seeds will grow and millet will become ripe. Similarly though the talks are not understood, they remain in the heart and at the time of death it comes to mind. One more example- just as when wheat are thrashed in Bhal region, the ox would eat up wheat and it comes out with dung but their essence remains. Similarly even if these talks are not understood, it will get one attached to Maharaj and Muktas, listener will not be affected by other elements. This question was raised by Kunvarji Patel of this village and Sadguru Nirgundasji at Muli and gave the answer to the question. Kunvarjibhai used to say that when he was hearing talks from Swami, they were not understood at that time but today they all come to memory. These talks are useful at the time of death. Therefore whether you understand or not make it a point to associate with us till we are present.” || 64 ||