On the evening of Vaishakh Sud 15th, Jethabhai of saraspur asked a question in the assembly, “Where will God be today?” Bapashri replied, “Here He is in the form of Murti!” Then Jethabhai said, “Murti is without movement.” Bapashri said, “The one whom you want to see moving is Himself sitting and he is present before you and He who is in Akshardham is the same. Shriji Maharaj and Muktas are themselves present in this assembly. If I am telling a lie, I swear and say that I am not telling a lie. Shriji Maharaj will soon take the one to Akshardham when very little time is left for his death, and he realizes that the idol is God itself but it is not metal or stone and this assembly is divine. Therefore the divinity should be felt for idol and saints. Then only there will be salvation but by doing only means salvation is difficult. Just as Kanbi’s cart was stuck, he drove away everybody and tried to bring out the cart- how was it possible? Similarly if someone finds fault with such Muktas, what can he do alone? Therefore all should be considered as divine. Then there will be salvation. || 125 ||