On the evening of Vaishakh Sud 11th , Bapashri and all saints and devotee went, to kakarwadi to bathe. After taking bath performed mental worship & meeting was held under the babul tree.

Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “What has Parvatbhai done?” Bapashri replied, “when Parvatbhi’s son was on the verge of death, he went for Maharaj’s darshan leaving his son. By the time he reached the boundary of village his son died. Messenger went to call him but he did not turn back and went to Gadhada.” Shriji Maharaj told him, “Why did you not go back though your son expired?” Parvatbhai replied, “So what? It is just like there are worms in cow dung and they die.” There he did not eat or drink water for seven days. Shriji Maharaj asked him, “Where do you take your meal?” He said, “I get everything in your darshan.” He used to donate all his crops to Shriji Maharaj .Shriji Maharaj told him that it will better if you keep some quantity to feed your children. He replied, “Children of kanbi are like the chickens.” Just as chickens swallow grains dug from refuge similarly they grow and eat. Why should I worry for such matter?” Shriji Maharaj gave the vow of six tastes to saints. Then Parvatbhai & all the member of his family took the same vow of six tastes. He had such knowledge of greatness of saints. There are many such talks and there is no end to it. Parvatbhai was very powerful person. Shriji Maharaj performed many lilas at his house and gave him much happiness.

Then again Swami asked. “What ability did Parvatbhai possess? What lilas did Shriji Maharaj perform at his place? Please tell me.” Bapashri said, “Shriji Maharaj started from Gadhada taking with him all saints and kathis and from going place to place He came to Agatrai. There He sat under a tree to get shelter from heat. There devotee brought a cot for Him and Shriji Maharaj sat on it and saints and devotees sat on the bare ground in the field. At that time Shriji Maharaj four times repeated, “Why has my dear not come?” In the meanwhile Parvatbhai came there after digging sticks of cotton plant and after dropping the spade from his shoulder prostrated before Shriji Maharaj. Then Shriji Maharaj got up and repeated three to four times, “My dear has come” and met him. Maharaj made him sit on His mattress of mashroo (kind of silk and cotton cloth). Then all saints and devotees doubted. They thought they were all sitting on ground whereas Shriji Maharaj gave that kanbi his mattress and made him sit on it – it was not well done. In the evening they started and went to the next village. Thereafter they returned to the same place since it was noon they all stayed there. In the meanwhile Parvatbhai came and behind him there were innumerable planes. On seeing this Shriji Maharaj said, “Parvatbhai, where are you taking this army?” Parrvatbhai replied, “They are beggars.” Shriji Maharaj asked him, “From where have they come?” Then Parvatbhai replied, “Jivkoti, Ishwarkoti, Brahmkoti, Aksharkoti, they all are always chasing me and want ultimate salvation, so I am sending them to your abode.” Shriji Maharaj told him to send them to His abode and He would see it. Then Parvatbhai looked at them and asked them to go to Akshardham. So all the planes went away. On seeing this all were surprised and their doubts were cleared.

Once Parvatbhai went to Gadhada for the darshan of Shriji Maharaj the crop of wheat in his field was ripe. He handed over the responsibility of the crop to a muslim. The muslim started cutting the crop at night Parvatbhai caned him. He left the field leaving behind the sickle and wheat. When Parvatbhai came back from darshan, he told to muslim, “I had caned you.” Then that muslim said, “You are real Khuda (Lord).” There are many such talks.

Now I am going to tell you in brief Shriji Maharaj’s lila performed at his house. Parvatbhai got his son Meghjibhai betrothed. According to the custom of region he had to give dry dates to those who come to sing songs of engagement ceremony, but he was so poor that he could not afford it. His wife Kesharbai told him, “Since there are no dry dates no body comes for singing.” Parvatbhai told her, “If Shriji Maharaj graces our house, many will come to sing. Therefore give me your silver ornament.” She gave it. Parvatbhai sold the silver ornament and one ox. From that money he bought ration and stored it in the room. Then he went to Gadhada and brought Shriji Maharaj, saints, all devotees including ladies with him to Agatrai. He spread a cot for Shriji Maharaj. Shriji Maharaj sat on that cot and Parvatbhai also sat near the cot. But he did not take any care of them. Then kathis told to Shriji Maharaj, “You were praising Parvatbhai much but so far he has not cared for us.” Then Shriji Maharaj asked Parvatbhai, “Why do not welcome all?” Parvatbhai replied, “Maharaj! I am your servant and you are the master therefore if they want to dine let them and if they give me I will also dine.” Then Shriji Maharaj told all saints and devotees, ” Use all the ration and feed grass, grams, every thing to horses and make much waste so Parvatbhai will show his ownership.” Then they did as they were told but Parvatbhai, on the contrary became happy. Then Shriji Maharaj got saints to cook kansar-khichdi (sweet item and hotchpotch) and He served this meal pouring ghee constantly in it. On seeing this Parvatbhai was very much pleased, and said that Shriji Maharaj had made him accomplished and gave a name, “Nyalkaranbapo” (one who makes our desires fulfilled) to Shriji Maharaj. But he did not feel sorry for the wastage of ghee. Seeing this Kathis and all saints were astonished and said that they did not have understanding like Parvatbhai. After finishing the meal all vessels of ration were put up side down and in the morning they all saw that they were filled with ghee, jaggery, etc. They were very much surprised. In this way they used to empty the ration every day and again they became full with ration. Thus they dined for sixteen days. Many people also came to sing to please Shriji Maharaj. When Meghjibhai’s marriage procession started rozo horse was decorated and Shriji Maharaj gave His clothes to Meghjibhai and told him to mount the horse. Then Meghjibhai said he would not mount the horse let uncle sit. Then Shriji Maharaj mounted the horse. Then the marriage procession started, Parshad and Kathis saluted with guns and band party were in the front -ladies were singing auspicious marriage songs. On the way they came near the place for saint, Bhumanand Swami peeped from above the wall he saw Shriji Maharaj. He called all saints and they came ahead of Shriji Maharaj. Bhumanand Swami sang devotional song “sarve sakhi jivan jova ne chalo re” (friends let us go to see God) and all sang in chorus. The marriage procession went to bridegroom’s in-laws pandal. The marriage ceremony began. Shriji Maharaj told Meghjibhai to sit in mayara (place where bridegroom and bride sit for ceremony). Meghjibhai said let uncle (Shriji Maharaj) sit then Shriji Maharaj and Meghjibhai sat in mayara. Brahmin (the priest) asked Meghjibhai to extend his hand. Then he said let uncle extend His hand. So Shriji Maharaj took the hand of the bride. At that Bhumanand Swami sang, ‘Hathevalo Hari shangathe me kidho re, Bhumanand kahe janma shafal kari lidho re.’ (God has accepted the hand of the bride. The bride has made her birth successful). Then Shriji Maharaj went round the holy fire with the bride and kansar (bride and bridegroom putting sweet in each other mouth) was also taken by Shriji Maharaj. Then bride and bridegroom were given send off and the procession started for Parvatbhai’s house. Maharaj set in the buggy (horse cart) and procession came to Parvatbhai’s house with band party and with the singing of auspicious songs by women of the marriage party. There Kesarbai started performing the customary ceremony (pokhva). Here also Meghjibhai requested to Kesarbai to perform for Shriji Maharaj. So the ceremony was performed for Shriji Maharaj. Then Shriji Maharaj said, “Who will remove the particle of cracker from my eye?” Wife of Meghjibhai removed it with a tongue. Shriji Maharaj blessed her with the promise that she would be taken to Akshardham in this birth and will keep her in His constant service. He has given happiness by performing such lilas. There is no end to it. || 57 ||