In Samvant 1963, on the day of Fagan Vad 9th Pranshankarbhai of Saraspur organised the programme of Satsangi Bhushan Parayan (discourses) in Amdavad. Bapashri had gone there. On Chaitra Sud 6th the katha was to come to end. On the day of Chaitra Sud 9th Bapashri told Nagbha of village Samlawala, Sheth Thakershibhai of village Balol and many other devotees, “Today Maharaj and Mukta are showering their bliss like the rain of swati constellation. Since you have come in contact with this opportunity, you should know that you are very lucky.” Saying so Bapashri and Swami Shri Ishwarcharandasji went to Swami Harinarayandasji who was operated upon for cataract. Hence was experiencing heat. To see him both went to the room which was opposite to Ghansyam Maharaj Aksharbhuvan. Bapashri inquired about the pain. Then Swami replied, ” Had any one else asked me, I would tell him that I am well but the pain is so much that it can not be described in words.” Bapashri said that Maharaj will cure him, saying so he moved his hand on his body so the pain had disappeared. Then Bapashri came out of room and went to assembly.

Swami Bhagwatswarupdasji asked swami, “Oh Swami! Many people are drawn to AbajiBapashri. He seems to be more popular than great Sadgurus. How great is he?” Swami replied that Shriji Maharaj gets His work done through Bapashri in this satsang. He is very great but it should not be disclosed because no body can bear it.

In this parayan Nagjibhai of Patriwala had brought his brother Tribhovanbhai for darshan and for his treatment. Bapashri told Nagjibhai, “Take your brother to village Patadi as I want to take him to Akshardham. Then Tribhovanbhai was taken to village Patadi where he left this world on third day. Then Bapashri came back to Amdavad via. Jetalpur and Dholka and from Amdavad he went Kutch. He was accompanied by Swami Vrundavandasji, Swami Ishwarcharandasji, etc. and Pransankarbhai and other devotees. All went to Kutch and on the day of Vaishakh Sud 1st ,they went to Vrushpur from Bhuj. || 43 ||