On the evening of Jeth Sud 15th, Bapashri, saints and devotees went to bathe. After bathing, they performed mental worship.

Then Bapashri showing his favour talked. He said, “We have got opportunity to associate with this Maharaj and great Muktas. If you associate with them keeping faith and not using your wisdom or the pride of education, etc and by knowing their greatness, you will get the same benefit, and will be happy as I am. The words which come out from mouth are like nad (sound coming from navel) coming from the Murti of Swaminarayan. If this greatness is understood, there remains nothing. There is no one elsewhere even in satsang who can say this and who can fulfil. If you want to see, you can but you will not find anywhere. Kothari Vallabhjibhai asked Purani Swami Tyagvallabhdasji, “Do you have affection with Bpashri from understanding or because by copying others?” Then Swami said, “I have love for him because of his power and because when I went to Bapashri all my thought stop. So I know his greatness and he is the only one as he is. I tried at many places but I could not avoid my thoughts and as soon as I went to him, thoughts were done away with. Moreover there is no obstacle when I sit for meditation and getting the happiness of Murti.” Then saints said, “Bapa, we all have come to you after seeing everywhere and get happiness in your association. This happiness, we could not be had from elsewhere.” Then Purani Dharmakishordasji talked, “In Samvat 1962, Vallabhjibhai told me that when he went to Sadguru Shri Gunatitanand Swami he got the same peace and happiness which he is getting here.” Then Bapashri said, “Keep love in this way and keep unity and keep atmabuddhi (wisdom of soul). If you do this, I will make engrossed in Shriji Maharaj’s Murti and will make you happy. Do not doubt my words because I am telling this by swearing in the name of Swaminarayan.

Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “What is my cadre?” Bapashri said, “I have made you Anadi Mukta with the power of liberating other Jivas. If I am telling a lie, I will be your guilty. At this time all who have got this opportunity, whether worthy or unworthy will be taken. You have to separate yourself from fourteen brahmands (cosmos) in the form of fourteen senses and I will do the work of liberation.

Then Swami said, “It is my prayer that my attachment from elsewhere be broken excepting from Shriji Maharaj and give the happiness of Murti.” Then Bapashri said, “Today the goal is achieved through grace so everything will be fulfilled. I am making Jiva passionless and getting you darshan of Murti in your soul during your life span and after your death take you in Murti. If you keep such firm trust, I will make you happy and give you super natural power as Anadi Muktas and Maharaj have. This time all who are sitting here have been made the same but I have kept your power hidden that is also for your happiness. Nothing is gained by means. Just as one wishes to fight with the king to get his kingdom by earning money from the labour work but one cannot get it. On the other hand, if you simply offer a small gift to the king, he may give you his kingdom. Similarly if you want salvation by doing means, it is just like doing it by labour money. On the other hand if you surrender your body, mind, and Jiva, you will be liberated. It will be done soon- such are this Maharaj and Muktas who show their grace. After this talk Vashram bhakta brought millet pokh (unriped green grain of millet) which was distributed among saints and devotees and Bapashri said that whosoever eats even a single grain of it, he will get ultimate liberation.

After this talk he started from chhatri and on the way he asked Raosaheb Balubhai of Ashlali whether he had come to chhatri or not. Raosaheb said he had not come. Then Bapashri said that in the Samvat year 1971, chhatri was built and yagna was performed. At that time the whole satsang was invited. Four hundred to five hundred saints had come and many devotee had come. Where had you been then? They had come from Junagaddh, Vadatal, Gadhada, Dholera, etc. Saints of Amdavad, Muli, Bhuj had come five days in advance. Many devotees from working in factories at Karachi, Mumbai, Kolkotta, Katak, Haydrabad, Bilaspur, Khadakpur, Manaharpur, etc. had come. Why did you not come? Then he said, “I did not know you at that time.” Then Bapashri said, “The chhatri has been built on this Kali Talavdi and foot-prints of Maharaj (charnarvind) have been installed. This has been made at my birth place. Then Balubhai asked, “You must have born in the village and you call this as your birth place. Why is it so?” Then Bapashri replied, “My mother Devbai come to the place where there is chhatri, after taking bath from the Kali Talavdi, there was a hill at that place, Shriji Maharaj gave darshan on that hill and told my mother, He was very much pleased with her and asked her to ask any thing. My mother was impressed with the handsomeness of Maharaj and requested Maharaj to give her son like Him. Then Shriji Maharaj replied that He was only one as He was but His Anadi Mukta who is like Him would be incarnated as Anadi Mukta and he will liberate innumerable Jivas and he will incarnate soon (Aab) so give him the name Abji. Saying so Shriji Maharaj disappeared. Then my mother started for home. To give her trust, she saw to line of Muktas on both sides of her way. All these Muktas said that she would get son, she would get son. The whole incident was narrated to my father when she reached home. My birth place is where Shriji Maharaj gave a boon. I have got chhatri built and footprint (charnarvind) were installed. Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked for a boon from me. Then I gave the boon that whosoever has the darshan of chhatri will be given ultimate liberation by me and will take him in the bliss of Maharaj.

Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “Will you kindly tell me the year and the tithi (date) on which you came in this world?” Bapashri said that he came in this world in the Samvat year 1901, on the 11th day of Kartik Sud of the month. || 185 ||