On the night of Vaishakh Sud 11th, Swami Shri Ishwarcharandasji said, “Please tell me what Jivuba, Laduba, and Rajbai have done.” Bapashri replied, “For the liberation of infinite souls Shriji Maharaj intended to appear in the form of human being. Then he ordered several Muktas to personify themselves as a woman or as a man and liberate souls. Muktas humbly obeyed the command and gave darshan accordingly in various castes. Jivuba, Laduba and Rajbai were ordered to appear in the form of women in the caste of kathis. They prayed to Maharaj and said, “Oh Maharaj! If we appear as women, according to our custom we can not sit with saints and male members sitting beside you in the assembly. Secondly if our parents get us married with Jiva, it will be a great blot on us. Moreover, whatever you talk and make questionnaire, can not be heard by us. When you go outside the region we can not come with you and we will not able to see whatever lilas you perform therefore we are not pleased to be in the form of women.” Then Shriji Maharaj replied, “We will stay together in one place in mrutyulok (this world). I will give you divine eyes with which you will be able to see all our lilas sitting at home and will protect you from the touch male.” Then they humbly obeyed the order and appeared in the form of women and Maharaj also stayed at their house making it as His own house.

Parents of Rajbai decided to get her married forcibly and khandoo also came for her marriage (according to the custom of Rajput instead of bridegroom his sward goes to the house of his in-laws and this sword with the bride goes round the holy fire) and when whel (decorated bullock cart) came at bridegroom’s house the bride Rajbai was sent back on being seen as a lioness. She did so much to please Shriji Maharaj by neglecting her body and all the relatives. In her daily routine she would take very little food, would sleep on floor, would turn rosary five hundred times and would walk twenty hands away from males. By observing such strict rules she pleased Shriji Maharaj.

Jivuba was also engaged to Mamaiya Patgar in Kundal but she told his mother Raibai that she did not want to marry and wanted to worship God. Raibai gladly permitted her and sent her to Gadhada.

When Ladubai’s khandu was going to her in-laws place, the village was being robbed and the people of the village came out to fight with robbers. The candidate with whom Ladubai was engaged had gone with the village people to fight and he was killed. So Ladubai came to Gadhada. In this way all the three were protected by Shriji Maharaj and all the three did much to please Maharaj staying together with them. || 58 ||