On the 3rd day of Ashadh Sud, Bapasri was resting on his seat in the porch after finishing his daily morning routine and performing puja. At the time of katha devotees did it but Bapasri did not say anything. All thought that Bapasri might be suffering from cold. Then when he went home to offer meals to Ṭhakorji, he said that he did not have liking for food and saying so, he took some hotchpotch and butter milk. Then came back to the temple and slept in the room. On that evening he went home slowly. At night he came in assembly but it seemed that Bapasri had some uneasiness. He sat in the assembly till the katha was over. Then while getting up he said Jay Swaminarayana to the assembly with folded hands but at that time he lost the balance, so his grand son Jadavji and Premji the son of Hirjibhai hold his hands and escorted him in the room to his seat. Jadavji asked Bapasri, “Today, are you not feeling well?” Bapasri replied, “I am all right-feeling little cold so cover my body with blanket (godadu).” Bapasri was covered with blanket and shawl. Devotees would come and go and ask about his health and he would say that he was feeling bit cold and would say that after having bath in the afternoon he was feeling cold. Moreover, since he has taken butter milk with hotchpotch, cold has affected him. Now he would remember Maharaj while sleeping with the covered blanket, so there will not be any trouble. Saying so, Bapasri went to bed. Both the sons of Bapasri sat for long time and nursed him. When it was twelve at night, all went to bed. Bapasri was sleeping and all of a sudden he got up at one o’clock. His attendant Premji woke up and asked why he had got up and if he wanted to have bath? At that time Bapasri told Premji that he did not want to have bath but want to go. Premji asked if he wanted to go home. Bapasri said he wanted to, so Premji brought the turban and gave it to Bapasri. Bapasri took the turban in the hand and told Premji, “come here, I want to tie the turban around your head. For me I have the turban of Aksardham.” Saying so, Bapasri put the turban down. Then the attendant Premji thought that since Bapasri is suffering from cold fever, he was speaking so. Understanding thus, he requested Bapasri to go to bed. Bapasri said to Premji, “You have served me selflessly (nishkambhav) so come near me.” Saying so, Bapasri embraced him with love and put his hands on his head and asked if he would remain in his seva. Further Bapasri added that this cold may give him trouble and this cold would not go away. Then Premji thought that Bapasri had said in yajna, ‘Gor Maharaj! See that this Murti does not fly away.’ Moreover, at this time Bapasri was showing much mysterious desire for Swamisri, etc. saints to stay back. Therefore if the illness becomes severe, nobody would know what was the desire of Bapasri? While Premji was thinking thus, Bapasri said to Premji, “My dear Premji! Instead of letting arise thoughts in your mind, go to bed. I know your thoughts.” Then Premji said to Bapasri that his darsan made him do sankalpa and saying so he showed his sorrow. Bapasri asked him if he would obey him or not. He replied-how he could disobey him, he would do as he said. Bapasri asked him if he would not violate his words. Premji said that he would never violate. Bapasri showed much pleasure on him and putting his hand on his head, told him not to talk to anyone about this thing. He further said, “You are making sankalpa that if Bapo passes away, then! If Swami, etc. would not know it, they will scold me but I am not such that I may pass away. I am eternal but this body may be seen or may not-it is Maharaj’s wish.” Hearing this Premji lost patience and started crying putting his head in Bapasri’s lap. He did not stop weeping. Then Bapasri consoled him and told him not to be sorry. The attendant Premji said to Bapasri, “You have forbidden me to speak so it cannot be told to anyone and if I tell anyone your command will be violated.” Bapasri said, “Nothing has to be said; Maharaj will do everything good.” At that time Premji prayingly said to Bapasri, “All devotees and our family members remain happy by your darsan. The whole satsang is happy by your graceful sight so if knows about this, how would it look? Moreover this matter must definitely be informed to Swami Vrndavandasji and Swami Isvarcharanadasji. Should I inform them about your illness?” Bapasri said, “If they come to know, everyone in satsang will come to know so they all will come here, will beseech, will be sorrowful, will pray and will not allow me to go, similarly many devotees will also come and they all will pray beseech. This time I wanted Swamisri to stay but as other saints were eager to go, I did not stop them. I did not like their going away so to meet them last time, I called them from Bhuj by sending messenger and made them happy. So it is not necessary to inform them.” Hearing this Premji became more sorrowful and understood that Bapasri was not likely to live, so he prostrated and began to pray. Bapasri said, “You were telling me that you would obey me. Now why are you grieving thus! I am not such that I will pass away! But you should not inform anyone now about this matter. If you inform anyone, I will be displeased. Now I am not going to speak. I am very much pleased with you. I have talked to everyone about happiness of Murti till today. Now it is such desire of Sriji Maharaj so you should remain pleased understanding thus. I will keep you in the happiness of Murti.” Saying so, Bapasri slept holding Premji’s hand. At that time many thoughts flooded in Prenji’s mind but since Bapasri had forbidden him to tell anyone so what he can do. For a long time Bapasri held his hand in the same position. Then getting up once again Bapasri told Premji not to violate his command. He was very much pleased with him. Saying so, Bapasri went to sleep. || 153 ||