On the morning of Fagan Vad 6th, the 12th Vachanamrut of Kariyani was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that a causal body is illusion (maya) of Jiva and it is like vajrasar (very sharp weapon). Bapashri said, “By meditating on Shriji Maharaj the causal body gets roasted but by doing penance etc the causal body does not get roasted. Just as if the whole tamarind is sowed in the field it will grow, if upper part is removed and sowed in the field it will grow. If the inner part is removed and sowed in the field with the black cover it will grow but if the separate white seed is sowed in the field and water, it will not grow. Similarly by the means of penance, firmness, etc. the causal body does not get roasted. It only gets burnt when it gets attached with Shriji Maharaj’s Murti and does not get attached in creation, maintenance and destruction and does not come under their influence. Moreover it does not associate with divinity of Brahmkoti and Mul-Aksaharkoti . Therefore one should get attached to Murti of Shriji Maharaj by dissolving knowledge. When the disciple, preceptor, the son, etc. die should be known as Shriji Maharaj’s lila in the form of creation, destruction etc., but no grief should be expressed to please the world. If a big object in the form of Murti of Shriji Maharaj is achieved, everything else becomes false. When an educated disciple of a saint expired the preceptor got disappointed – this happens because of lack of knowledge. Therefore everything should be made false without the Shriji’s Murti. Maharaj, His happiness and His Muktas should be kept as true and should not consider oneself to be imperfect. All other should be considered as fulfilled and we should keep ourselves constantly growing. Jiva does not recognise God and His great Muktas because of its illusive (mayik) intellect. When jiva takes the shelter of Anadi Mukta, Muktas will give their intellect to jiva and then only it can describe God or Muktas. Just as the rain makes four kinds of jiva happy. Similarly Anadi Muktas make jivas happy in the happiness of Shriji. Great Anadi’s are already there in Murti. We should also become like that but should not do ‘athe Dwarka‘ (we should not sit idle). If one has become renunciate for satsangi should not believe that it is fulfilled and should never take anybody’s faults in this Brahmsabha. If the fault is imbibed will again become like firefly, therefore should not find faults with others. If one imbibes he would meet to death means will fall from the righteaousness path. Shriji Maharj has said “The assembly has become zero means Upasana of Shriji Maharaj is not understood.” Katha- Varta and devotion are all efforts in vain unless one associates with Murti. In this way the assembly has been called zero. Therefore, jiva should not be allowed to go astray. The tendency should be kept towards Shriji, but should not be discontinued. If one separates from the Shriji Maharaj and tries elsewhere, that assembly is called zero. In case if one goes to sleep by the force of illusion (maya), it should not be known as zero because in this assembly illusion will not come at all. In case if somebody is affected by illusion, he should bathe in brahm-agni, means he should remember Mahaprabhuji and great Muktas so that he becomes purified. Just as water and the fire makes the body clean. Similarly Shriji Maharaj and great Anadi Muktas make the jiva pure. If one wants to be (as holy as) Purushottam, he should get himself purified in Brahm-agni. A guru drew his disciple to Akshardham and showed him Maharaj and Muktas. One should make such guru but not those who are after wealth and women and whose Upasana is not pure. A guru who forcibly draws his disciples in Murti is great and is dear to Maharaj. When Shriji Maharaj says Jay Swaminarayan, He says it for Him and when He says Jai Sachchidanand He says for His Anadi Muktas. He says that you remain in this bliss for ever.

Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “What is the meaning of Bhagwati tanu?” Bapashri replied, “Bhagwati tanu means God’s Murti. He gives happiness by keeping us in Murti. Till there is load of means, he may meditate but will not be able to see Murti and will not recognise satsang as divine. In case he sees Murti and does not recognise Muktas but has divine feelings for all, there is no harm. The one, who does not consider satsang as divine, believes himself to be good and takes others as inferior to him and says that he sees Maharaj’s Murti, it is false.” || 67 ||