On the morning of Vaishakh Vad 5th, the 50th Vachanamrut of middle chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, there is an example of a river, sati and kite, and brave man. Then Bapashri said, “These are the difference of seekers’ state but who have reach goal and if they met Param Ekantik, they will take them in their state and they enjoy bliss of Murti by becoming luminous Murti and those who have met Anadi here they enjoy bliss of Murti by becoming form of Murti. Formerly saints would eat gola (flour ball with water) and bearing the agony of hunger, misery, cold wind, heat rain and associate with Maharaj for getting such bliss. Whereas today you have got abundant and there is no such need. Today if we have to go from this village to other village, devotees would ask how many carts they require. For devotees this is allright because it is their service (seva) but the one who sits is under obligation (looser). Sadguru Shri Nirgundasji Swami and Aksharjivandasji Swami would never sit. In Samvat1962 I and Swami Aksharjivandasji, etc. were going to Amdavad we went from Muli to Kaliana and from there at the time of arti we started and went to Viramgam. Thereafter having darshan in the temple, we started at ten in the night and walked through out the night and in the morning came to Sabarmati River, bathed, perform pooja and come to Amdavad temple at about 11.00 o’clock. Swami Aksharjivandasji was very powerful. When he was ill, someone told him that he has shown the ritual of repentant partially so you are suffering that sin. Thus, he showed illusive feeling. There was Mukta named Sadguru Shri Harinarayandasji in Muli. He got an imaginary letter about his shortcoming and we tore that letter. Thus the ignorant Jiva may not have anything against Muktas but to degrade them it would find fault. The river came to touch to the feet of Sadguru Shri Nirgundasji Swami by knowing his greatness. Then some said that he did not get happiness even after death. But it was not the rainy season so the flood came soon, touched him and subsided soon and nobody knew that. Thus those with illusive feeling wander in hell and chaurashi (innumerable births). Therefore Maharaj and Muktas should be considered as divine but should not know them that they are in physical body. There should not be illusive feeling for them.

Swami asked, “Which is wicked passion?” Bapashri said, “If there is desire for other than Maharaj’s Murti, it is wicked passion.

Then Ghelabhai of Bhuj asked, “In case some devotee leaves his body and at the time of his death if he sees the saint or the devotee for whom he has love, whether can that devotee or the saint show themselves?” Bapashri said, “Shriji Maharaj gives darshan in the form in which dying person has love but seekers cannot give darshan and those who are siddh Muktas themselves give darshan and fetches him. But the one who has not matured knowledge, gets darshan of Maharaj in a form of seeker and he has to take rebirth and for the one having matured knowledge gets darshan of Maharaj and Muktas and he is taken by them and makes him blissful in the bliss of Murti.|| 175 ||