At night Bapasri sitting on his seat on the upper storey of the temple was talking. At that time Mansang Bhakta of village Manfara said, “Bapa! Many talks are taking place about greatness of Maharaj in satsang. We listen to them even then we cannot avoid thoughts. Why is it so? Moreover, while performing mental worship, rosary, meditation, some thoughts put hurdles- how can they be avoided?” Bapasri said, “The followers of Sriji Maharaj should keep the strength of Murti and understand the greatness of great saints so thoughts will not disturb. Much is being done during this time. Therefore, do not be timid and the body is full of senses, etc., which is harmful. When they come as thoughts and if they are pondered over, they become real. Therefore, such thoughts should be driven out by punishing them. Just as a student learns and crams and it becomes firm. Similarly, by pondering thoughts become firm. So, they should not be pondered. If there is lack of weak thoughts, they should be known as dead if they are loved, they should be known as alive. Therefore, be alert and do not believe ourselves as sinner. The householders have to behave according to Siksapatri, so never behave otherwise. If someone does not behave according to Siksapatri, his words should not be trusted. If one understands the greatness of muktas, he is soon fulfilled. The time from when he joins, he becomes fit for achieving his goal. The seeker is liberated after his death. It is just like one having cash money and other having promissory note which is yet to be realised. We should keep continuity of Murti in every activity. All saints of Maharaj should be known as divine, ponder over them but never get tired of it. Perform mental worship five times, and keep its intoxication for fifteen hours so it will remain for the whole day. For the work of worldly affairs one plans a year in advance. While performing mental worship if one plans an hour in advance and remembers it an hour, it will become constant by and by. Outward service-worship is done but when the time comes mental worship is forgotten. It is done without maintaining its time means doing it whenever it is remembered- it is just like inviting someone at lunch and not giving him food at the time of lunch, he will be dissatisfied. Similarly, mental worship without observing its norm is like that. If it is forgotten one time, he will do it two times together and thus he carry forward but he will not be able to complete it. So he will become debtor. Therefore, mental worship should be performed as per the rules but should not be evaded. After entering the house of Maharaj, we should behave according to His wish; otherwise, we will be driven out. Maharaj pinched a saint so he went away. The work of body is like it.” || 61 ||