On the day of Fagana Vad 3rd, Hirabhai, Sanwaldasbhai, and Haribhai were to arrange parayana of Vachanamrt Rahasyartha Pradipika Ṭika. So, saints and devotees were making preparation. Bapasri also came in the assembly after performing his routine puja, etc. Swami Vrndavandasji and Swami Isvarcharanadasji were to read parayana, so all were full of joy. Pandal was ready. Mahaprabhuji was seated and rituals were over. Thereafter both Sadgurus were escorted to the dais and Bapasri performed arati and puja of Vachanamrt, saints were applied sandalwood paste and were garlanded. Then Lalubhai, Mahadevbhai, Hirabhai, Haribhai, etc. performed puja. Since the author of Rahasyartha Pradipika Ṭika of Vachanamrt was Bapasri and accumulator and the propagator of its proper knowledge in the form of question-answer were the Sadgurus so very mysterious divine feeling of parayana prevailed. Katha started, when a Vachanamrt was completed, there was Jay ghosh and at the end of session, devotional song was sung. When the katha came to end Swami Vrndavandasji requested Bapasri to feed divine meals to saints and devotees. Bapasri said, “O.K. Swami! We have to do that only. Sriji Maharaj promises salvation to all, so all are happy in satsang. What to talk about Maharaj and His Anadi muktas! This is a very great achievement. To get association of great Anadis of Purusottam is very scarce. This opportunity is available at this time. Therefore, be receptive for anything which is good and never understand any shortcoming in anyone. If jiva goes on wrong path it will behave ‘Athe Dwarka’ means he will say that Dwarka is here only. An example of ‘Mumna’ was given (the act of abandoning one’s religious faith for another). Thus, we should not behave thinking that Dwarka is here only. We should look out for such opportunity. If one tries elsewhere and wishes miracles- what is the use of it? This opportunity and this prasadi are rare to get, so there is happiness in understanding of greatness. When Ramjibhai of village Upardal comes for our darsan, he prostrates before the trees of guava, and lemon, embraces them, weeps and would say you are very lucky that you are here whereas I have to leave. On that point Brahma asked for the birth as tree-creeper. Then Bapasri said greatness of Maharaj and his Anadi muktas is beyond words.”

Then Bapasri said”, “The talk of upasana is very great. If upasana is firm, he will be in the lap of Master (Maharaj) and if is immatured, he will cling to kala, karma (deeds) and other non-gods. If the upasana is matured, one can do seva-devotion. If it is immatured, he will think that seva-devotion will be done by authorised one. If it is firm, he will not hesitate in doing seva-devotion, temple, etc.- he will not wait for the authorised person to do it. If he has experiential knowledge, he will have no harm. Everything else is false and he makes it false, what does he gain? We should keep the real thing i.e. Murti. What is the use of unnecessary talks? It will be helpful when one gets real experiential knowledge and gets attached to Murti. If his sight reaches to Murti, it means Golok, Brahmapur, Aksar, and Aksardham are all covered. Where to search elsewhere? Everything is in Murti. If one has divine feeling, idols and muktas will appear divine to him. If jiva finds fault in this talk and also finds fault in great muktas what he will know about divine feeling and human feeling! How can we assess the value of divine muktas? When he does not understand this point, he will have the adverse feeling of muktas that he takes meals thus, speaks thus, enjoys thus, sees thus, etc. Such faults appear because of Prakrti’s work. If he gets divine feeling he will not find faults but jiva has much ignorance. If Maharaj and saints forcibly takes him, he will go. Saint is the door of Aksardham through whom Maharaj gives happiness. If he knows thus, he will not be angry even saint scolds him. If he is sent somewhere, will go happily. When Maharaj shows him any work, he will do it happily, this is understood only by the one who has matured understanding. The one with matured knowledge takes Maharaj as the doer of everything. If there is no such firmness, and if someone comes to take the treasure of the temple, he will be upset but does anyone take Murti? We should keep only Swaminarayana. The Master (Maharaj) constantly remains present in satsang but some do not remember Him and remember useless things. Maharaj says that Gopalanand Swami and Muktanand Swami are having such firm understanding. To achieve such type of humbleness to serve like them is difficult. Maharaj goes on saying as it is but fulfilment is believed by us, so we have no faith in His supremacy. ‘Mai hun adi, anadi, mit gai sarve upadhi’ (I am adi, anadi- all troubles are done away with). Adi is sitting here and he is Anadi as well. He has this status but we may understand otherwise. Muktas have always Murti in all three states. There is such thing in this satsang but we do not recognise and we have feeling of human being for great Anadi, so the goal is not achieved, because this Anadi is always in Murti and appears by wish of Maharaj. A devotee asked Sadguru Nirgundasji Swami, “Who dwells in Svetdwipa and Badrikasram?” Swami said, “I do not know such things. Sovereign king does not go to see state of others.” Similarly, we do not see anything else excepting Murti. He who has joined Murti of Purusottamnarayana has nothing else. What is the use of seeing such things! Nothing can be seen with illusive object! Everything is seen as mayik by it and divine object is left out. Be cautious! You have got much happiness. Today Swaminarayana has become very merciful. We are in this world for a short time. During this short time, we must understand the real principle. Muktas never separate themselves from Murti. The one having such state will not be able to complete rosary, even mental worship, and for him either in the sky or in patal there is nothing excepting Murti. I told Swami Nirgundasji that when one joins happiness, he is unable to complete rosary. Swamisri said that it does not matter. Everything is being done. Such saints have disappeared, where can we get such saints. Today also, muktas have come as ordinary human being to give darsan, but jiva has become blank so it does not know how to take the benefit.” || 39 ||