Once, many devotees were going to Africa to earn money. Premjibhai of Narayanpur asked Bapasri if he could go. Bapasri refused. Then in monsoon there was much rain, lot of grass had grown on hills. Bapasri ordered him to bring that grass and make a big stack. He did so. Then in the month of Jeth a man asked for that stack for five hundred kori but Bapasri did not allow to give. Then again he asked the stack for thousand kori. Then also Bapasri refused. After some days when he asked the stack for five thousand kori, Bapasri permitted Premjibhai to give it and said to him that his debt would now be cleared. He gave it and was free from the debt. Others had gone to Africa but they had to come back because of plague in that country. || 35 ||