On the day of Fagan Sud 9th, Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “If feeling of body is seen in someone (i.e. nature with attributes in human being), he deserves praise because he worships God in such opportunity but his fault should be forgiven. If he differs from panch vartman his fault should be taken into account because he who differs from vartman is atheist and he has crossed the moral of Maharaj. He should not be considered as the follower of Maharaj. This is sectarian festival (samaiyo) and we should keep divine feeling for this assembly but we should not feel that assembly is Brahmin, kshatriya, vaisya, or shudra. If you develop divine feeling for this assembly, you will get premlakshanabhakti (love oriented devotion) and will get experience knowledge and will be worthy of ultimate liberation-this has been affirmed by Shriji Maharaj. If this opportunity is got with understanding of greatness it will lead to salvation. Just as when the soldier goes for fighting, he will not care for his life. Similarly, if you get divine feeling in this assembly, you will feel that you are in Akshardham with a physical body but you will not feel that you will be taken to Akshardham after your death.Here Maharaj Himself is present in the midst. This assembly does not disappear for upashnawala (one who firmly believes God having form and cause of all). There are Kashi, Vrindavan, jagannath, all here. This assembly is since infinite time and eternal; therefore, this is jagannath for us. There is no fault in taking this prasadi but we cannot eat prasadi of cooked rice, which several people eat in paroksha jagannath (abode of other incarnation). If we eat it, we will be degenerated. We should consider saints’ Prasad as that of jagannath. We should not find fault with this Brahmasabha, we should only take virtues of it and it should be considered as second Prasad in the form of virtues. We should take knowledge from this Brahmarup, divine and eternal assembly, this is the third Prasad. The Sun, Shiva, Shesh, etc. used to come to take this saints’ Prasad and Shriji Maharaj also used to take Prasad from saints’ dish (pattar). This assembly never destroys but those who have proved in paroksha (other incarnation) is bound to destroys.We have got this opportunity, even then some go to Kashi, Vrindavan, Dwarka-they cannot called faithful. In case if any devotee has go to jagannath for employment he should not take the Prasad of jagannth. If he takes his conscience will be degenerated. And saints and celibate must not go there. In Dwarka Gugali Brahmin told Shri Sachchidanand Swami which sin brought him here by leaving incarnated Lord Swaminarayan. In 58th chopai of 92nd chapter of Bhaktachintamani, it is said, ‘vali kahevay chhe prabhu aape, tene mukine aavyo she pape‘ So it is not advisable to go elsewhere. We had gone Nagar Thattha , there a devotee gave clothes and food to a renouncer, our saint told the devotee what will you gain by giving food, etc. to renouncer who does not follow the religion properly? Then he quoted from Sikshapatri which says that we should give to mendicant. He was not knowing the meaning of it so meaning should be understood. Everything should be taken in pratyksha (personified) form but not in paroksha (other incarnations) form. The one whom Shriji Maharaj has met in personified form has got much wealth therefore we should not do undesirable activity. Just as the prince of a king does not know his wealth and power. Similarly if the followers of Shriji go elsewhere for salvation, it is a great ignorance. We are sitting in the assembly of Shriji but we do not have to go to Him after death. Such a big benefit is available so we should not go in paroksha leaving it. The egoist will have to bathe in this brahmaagni for crores time and Demonic Jiva merges in brahma for infinite times. This Jiva will become angel provided comes in the womb of such satsangi in the form of brahma, then it takes births merging in Brahma for innumerable times,it makes contact in this brahmasabha and does not find fault. Similarly the egoistic has to die many times and take birth many times. Jiva bears such misery but do not give up ego. If his ego is hurt he will feel too much and ultimately he will allow Jiva to go astray but would not give up ego. It is very much ignorance. If he comes in this assembly giving up his ego, he will become Anadi Mukta. If he keeps ego and finds faults, it will be very harmful even though he may be worshipping God or doing katha varta and he may be saint or satsangi. Therefore, one should not keep ego in satsang by giving due thought. The egoistic will be pleased by winning over God and His devotee so his all spiritual endeavours for salvation will be burnt.

After this talk, Bapashri got someone to read Vachanamrut. In it there is a talk of Kaystha in 14th Vachanamrut of the last chapter Bapashri said, “Whenever there was a talk about him, Madhavjibhai of Bhuj used to abhor him and used to say that that you have born in our caste, it is shameful for our caste. The one who does not believe Shriji Maharaj as doer, will have such sinful passion. On the path of sakam (belief that activity bears fruits) there are passions. A mendicant begged the king cow dung of four gate of village. We know to beg such thing but have no knowledge of asking for salvation. Lakhu Charan of Lodhhva begged Maharaj for the well being of cattle and followers. Thus everything is imperfect without knowledge. Garasiya came for the darshan of Shriji Maharaj but went back seeing Maharaj doing ordinary human activity. Once again that Garasiya came to some Kathi’s house and that Kathi fed him so he became pure. Then he thought that perhaps he may be God and if he does not have darshan it will be great loss so he thought of going back and he decided if his desire is fullfiled, he will believe that He is real God. Then he resolved that if he gets the darshan of Him wearing blanket and reading a page in His hand, he would believe that He is real God.Thus he came back. At that time Shriji Maharaj told the celibate that He had shilas (skin disease) and asked him to bring woollen clothes, which He wore, and he had a page in His hand. He was given such darshan according to his wish. Then he believed Him as God. But Shriji Maharaj told him that still he had no proper faith and told him to ask for another miracle. Then all four Garasiya asked, Tell us where we were yesterday? Shriji Maharaj replied that they all ate Akhaj at their relatives’ house the day before and they all were witness of it. Impressed by this miracle they went home after becoming satsangi. It is not easy to know God. It is only possible if He takes pity on us. || 164 ||