In Samvat year 1968, in the month of Fagana, saint Santdasji, Bhagvatswrupdasji, Svetvaikunthdasji and disciple of Swami Isvarcharanadasji named Puruṣaottampriyadasji, etc. of Muli had gone to Vrspur. There Bapasri gave them water in their hands showing much pleasure and blessing them of keeping in Mūrti. At that time Santdasji said to Bapasri that he had gone to fill tumbdu (a pot made of gourd’s dry rind) so he had been left out and requested Bapasri to bless him by giving him water in his hand. Bapasri asked what was more water or word. Saying so, he quoted ‘Satpuruṣa vakyam na chalanti dharm’ (the saying of Satpuruṣa never change in any circumstances) and holding his hand gave him Mūrti, and he was made introvert. In the afternoon they went to Kakarvadi for bathing. There they bathed and Puruṣottampriyadasji was talking under a mango tree. He called Santdasji and told him to come near and asked him why he was sitting in the sunlight. He said that he had fever and felt better in the sunlight. Then they came to temple. In the evening Bapasri brought carrot and said that just as saint Baldevdas’s death was celebrated with a guava fruit, similarly Santdasji’s death will be celebrated with carrot. After offering it to Ṭhakorji the Prasad was distributed to all and said that now Santdasji would go to Aksardham. Then NanaSanatandasji said that he had not seen anyone leaving this world. Bapasri told him to go into the room and asked him to see Santdasji leaving his body. He went inside and Santdasji left the body. ||62 ||