In the Vikram Samvant 1965, saints of Amdavad and Muli went to Kutch after celebrating the festival of spring. There Swami Aksharjivandasji was sick. On the day of Mahavad 11th he told Jethi Ghelabhai to implant foot prints of Shriji Maharaj at Chhatri on Fagan Sud 2nd – there is muhurt (auspicious time) on this day. On that day foot prints were implanted and as soon as all came to the temple Swami left this world. He was taken to crematorium ground with celebration. On the previous day Muktaraj Dhanba got floor of room purified for the purpose of parayan to be delivered by a saint. On the next day at the time when the Swami left this world, parayan started and it was continued for thirteen days up to Fagan 15th. There Bapashri went from Vrushpur and all saints also went there. After listening parayan all went to Vrushpur with Bapashri. The sermons of Bapashri which were delivered there are stated below in brief.

On the morning of Fagan Vad 5th, the 6th Vachanamrut of Loya was being read in the assembly. In the 15th question it was said that fault in form of proper behaviour should be accepted.

Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “How to behave properly according to the aforesaid question?” Bapashri replied, “Means like renunciation, self determination etc. can not be done by all in the same way so they can not be taken together. Therefore one should behave as per the boundary of norms bound by Shriji Maharaj but should not behave beyond those norms. Moreover meditation and worship be done the most but should not behave equally in it. The boundary which Shriji Maharaj has bound is not difficult for anyone. If one behaves accordingly, he would go to Akshardham. Shriji Maharaj has talked in light vain as well in strict language. The talk of light vain is not nearly light as we think it. If someone forgets Vartman, he should be taken in satsang after making him repent. This is possible only for Mahaprabhuji, for none else. These words are from the mouth of Mahaprabhuji. They are so powerful that if someone is incapable will be made capable. Jiva likes the talk of miracles and talks of Murti seems heavy to him, but that is the only thing to be done. There are many kinds of trades for earning money, but if it comes to us from unexpected source where is the need of any trade. Similarly Murti is to be realized after doing infinite means but if it is realized then where is the need of means. The association of Maharaj and Muktas would have taken place in the previous birth therefore they have been recognised today. Those having association of Muktas and even if Murti does not appear at all, it has been installed in jiva by Muktas but it has been kept inside with cover. So we should know that realization has been done in jiva. Just as the attendant of the king escorts us to the king, similarly attendant of Maharaj i.e. Muktas escorts us to Maharaj. Just as when the attendant sits near the king, the importance of the attendant is recognised. If he meets without the king, his importance is not known. Similarly when Muktas takes us to Maharaj and give us the happiness of Maharaj, the importance which is known then, will not be known when he is in the form of human beings. The meeting with the king is not possible with the help of Nagarsheth or with the help of Thanedar (constable), but the attendant could make it possible. In the place of Nagarsheth if there is Ekantik who is determined worshipper and he is a seeker and his worship is like lightning, he will be unable to get meeting with Maharaj. The one whose worship is not firm and obeys commands properly is in the place of thanedar. He can take you to Badrikashram etc. but all other abodes are like prisons before Akshardham. In the place of hajuri there is Anadi Mukta of Shriji Maharaj who can get you meet Maharaj. Those who are healthy, have name and fame and are learned and do the work of satsang are also unable to get us meet Maharaj. Mukta may be humble but he is able to get you visible Murti. Today the attendant has come and will take you straight in the happiness of Maharaj’s Murti. Therefore one should meditate and should avoid enemies like attachment, honour, etc. After completing the talk there was jay ghosh of Sahajanand Swami and assembly was blessed with the boon let this assembly be free from the illusion (maya). || 66 ||