On morning of Fagan Vad 9th, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked a question in the assembly. He said, “In the 64th Vachanamrut of the Middle Chapter of Gadhada, it is said that fifty crore yojan earth (four hundred crore miles) becomes form of atom at the time of pralay (destruction of creation) by the Yogmaya (extraordinary power of yoga) of God. What is the meaning of that illusion (maya)? Bapashri said illusion should be understood as prosperity (wealth). Shriji Maharaj is master of everything and all other things are Shriji Maharaj’s illusion i.e. creation. Akshar is Maharaj’s illusion i.e. prosperity and Brahm is Akshar’s illusion i.e. prosperity and Mul-Purush is Brahm’s illusion i.e. prosperity, but illusion which is the form of Prakrutee should not be understood at this place. It belongs to Mul-Purush. Heaven and Hell- we should understand that Heaven is above, Hell is below but Yampuri (abode of death), and Chorasi should not be taken at this place. The meaning of high and low should be taken as the best and worst but should not be taken as above and below. It is said that Akshardham is highest of all means it is the best of all but it should not be taken that highest means above and not here because the Akshardham is everywhere, and Shriji Maharaj is also everywhere. The meaning of highest and lowest is the best and worst and the meaning of above is also the best. There is difference in every step of happiness and there is essence. The happiness of Muktas is less than the happiness of Murti of Maharaj and happiness of Akshardham is even less than that. The happiness of Mul-Aksharkoti’s is less than that of Akshardham. The happiness of Muktas of Akshar is less than that of Mul-Aksharkoti. The happiness of Brahmkoti is less than that of Akshar’s Muktas. The happiness of God’s in the form of Mul-Purush is less than that of Brahmkotis. This is the essence. || 94 ||