On the noon of Chaitra Sud 3rd, in the assembly Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “One constantly remembers Murti and the other realized it. Do they both have achieved vyatirek (transcendental) form or not?” Then Bapashri replied, “It is already vyatirek (transcendental) because realization of Murti the memory of the Murti. Just as the vrutti of a person remains where he has been engaged but happiness comes after marriage, similarly the happiness which the one having realization has, will not be there to one who remembers Murti-this much difference is there. While meditating God’s Murti, sense of body is forgotten, cosmos is forgotten and then comes bliss of Murti of Shriji Maharaj. Just as one closes eyes, it becomes dark and when opens them it becomes bright similarly Murti appears when one becomes introvert and cosmos appears when one becomes extrovert. Since love has been developed with Anadi, the goal has become handy. If one associates with Muktas they will remove the curtain, which is between Maharaj and Jives. After meeting, Muktas if there is feeling of body, he should be known as a dead person, but one should not consider his Jiva as sinner. If one become follower of Shriji Maharaj, associates his Jiva with Muktas, wears armour in the form of rules of religion, and observes command of religion, his attachment of five senses will disappear and great Muktas will draw that Jiva in Maharaj’s Murti from illusion (maya). If Maharaj and Muktas are pleased, everything will be fulfilled soon and definitely take him in the bliss of Murti-such faith should be kept. Bliss of Shriji Maharaj is already yours, even not a particle away. Formerly those who have been liberated have not got ultimate liberation whereas today incarnated Shriji Maharaj and His Muktas are giving ultimate liberation to crores of Jivas- therefore Muktas of today are greater than Avatar of previous time. These Muktas are incarnation of Shriji Maharaj, they appear in the human form for the salvation of infinite souls. If one associates with them by understanding their greatness properly, he will get ultimate liberation. One can understand the greatness of the king and his minister but one can not understand the greatness of Maharaj and His Muktas. Even though he is taking the opportunity and associating with Muktas, he listens them with one ear and forgetting it from the other ear. He will not forget illusive talk for hundreds of years but he will not grasp this talk. If one ponders over the talks of Maharaj and Muktas, he will be fulfilled. However, Jiva is proud of many things like the proud of his authority, his status of mahant, his education, his ashram, to become well known in the world. The Jiva will not understand the greatness of Maharaj and Muktas till it has such faults. If one does not take proper care in his day-to-day work (worldly affairs), it will not be done properly; whereas this is the work of salvation so how one can expect it. Therefore one should have the thorough knowledge. One would become blissful if he knows the bliss as it is, which Mahaprabhuji and Muktas have. In this satsang, saints of Shriji Maharaj are like garden of flowers- one should take attributes from them in the form of smell and should see his own faults. If one believes in what saints and satsangi say will become very happy. If one has become saint and does not follow the preaching of Dharmamrut, Nishkamshuddhi, Shikshapatri, he will not be called a saint. If one understands the Shriji Maharaj and Muktas as clairvoyant, and behaves properly in their commands, he is called saint. Maharaj has said, “Gnani maro atma, mai gnani ko pran” (Learned is My soul and I am his pran). Maharaj and Muktas are not separate. By remembering Maharaj and Muktas, naturally with him and by remembering Anadi Mukta, Maharaj is naturally with them. Just as we get ghee, jaggery, flour, etc with money, similarly Maharaj and saints are always together. You have met such Muktas who are in this satsang. || 87 ||