On hearing the news of Bapasri’s disappearance, Swami Vrndavandasji, Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. group of saints went to Kutch on the day of Ashadh Sud 8th. On that day sons of Bapasri-Kanjbhai, Manjibhai and Devrajbhai of Rampur, etc. had gone to Bhuj to decide about rituals to be performed after Bapasri in consultation with saints devotees of Bhuj. There, Swamisri (Isvarcharanadasji, etc.) met Kanjibhai, etc., after having darsan of Ṭhakorji, they inquired about the news of Bapasri leaving this world, so devotees gave them all information. Swami Isvarcharanadasji said that he was told mysteriously by Bapasri about keeping him there for two months and also Bapasri had said that we should remain pleased as per Maharaj’s wish-in this way he consoled all. Then about the rituals Sadgurus opined that parayana should be arranged as rituals. In that programme a big yajna should be performed and whole satsang should be invited from all places including Kutch. Saints and devotees agreed to the proposal. Having decided thus letters of invitation were sent to all places. Then Swamisri, etc. saints, came to Vrspur with the devotees of Bhuj. As they did not have darsan of Bapasri in the physical body, all became sorrowful but since Bapasri had said that he wanted to get devotees the state of Anadi muktas, he was there in this world in the physical body for that only. Swamisri said that in that state physical presence of Maharaj and anadi mukta is always there and by such understanding sadness was calmed down. Then Swami Isvarcharanadasji asked Arjan Govind and other devotees who were eager to do seva to bring necessary things for yajna and got other required things ready. In front of Ṭhakorji parayana of ‘Satsangijivan’ was arranged in the temple. On the occasion devotees from many villages had come so the temple was crowded with devotees. As darsan of Bapasri could be had near Murti so his graceful sight was there on the whole assembly. Formerly Bapasri used to call saints and devotees, meet them and feed them-all these activities were not there now but Bapasri gives his darsan in the form of Murti and with this thought in mind they remembered the happiness and were listening to katha. The feeling of Bapasri leaving this world could naturally be seen on the faces of all. Bapasri performed many yajnas in Vrspur and on those occasions millions of devotees and saints used to come and in every yajna all were joyful. Whereas in this parayana at the time of katha-varta, and at the time of having Prasad of Ṭhakorji, all seemed calm. Bapasri’s sons, grand-sons, family members looked as if they were things without spirit. Both Sadgurus with a view to consoling all, they talk in assembly in the morning and as well in the evening that as Sriji Maharaj is immortal similarly, Bapasri is also immortal remaining engrossed in Murti and wherever Maharaj sits there is the assembly of infinite great muktas, Bapasri is doubtlessly there. Bapasri has shown much mercy on us. His only work was to keep all engrossed in Murti. Bapasri appeared physically only for the purpose of getting us achieve, the state of anadi mukta. The essence in his talk was that we should remain in Murti, other thing are useless. Never halt in Brahmakoti, Aksarkoti, etc. In order that millions of human being can understand the real things, Bapasri talked about the capacity and form of Sriji Maharaj, Aksardham, anadi mukta, param ekantik, ekantik, etc. in satsang. But the main point was only Murti. ‘Rasbas hoi rahi rasiya sang jyun misari pay manhi bhali’ (as sugar is mixed with milk and become one, similarly one should have oneness with Murti). His resolution was only to give Murti. He also did not have the last meeting with him at the time of Bapasri’s leaving this world. But we understand that it was the wish of Sriji Maharaj and Bapasri- in their wish we are happy. You should also be courageous in the same way. Wherever there is Sriji Maharaj there are always infinite Anadi muktas, and assembly of param ekantik, surrounding Him. If we have such darsan with divine feeling, Bapasri is not away at all-moreover it is not so that he is not anywhere. In this way Sadgurus used to give talks with a variety so devotees who were sad outwardly and were having misery because of separation would become normal. Similarly, whenever there was talk of divine feeling on the occasion of katha of Satsangijivan, all devotees were getting peace. When the last day of parayana came sons of Bapasri, Kanjibhai and Manjibhai performed puja of the holy book and Purani, did arati of Sriji Maharaj, clothes, etc. were offered to Ṭhakorji and saints were also honoured with clothes. At that time also both Sadgurus talked for an hour. They described Bapasri’s omniscience (power) and many of his obligations. Then all were told that they have to see Bapasri with divine feeling. Calling with love, meeting, putting hand on head, removing garland from his neck and giving it to devotees-that all became rare. He will give happiness like that only to those who are having much love. This has only that he has discontinued the sankalpa of appearing thus. When Sriji Maharaj became invisible, Dada Khachar remembered him with much love, Maharaj soon gave darsan along with the assembly. Moreover those who remember Anadi Mukta Gopalanand Swami and very great beloved muktas, saint of Sriji Maharaj and Anadi muktas like Parvatbhai with much love get their darsan even today. Similarly Bapasri will give darsan to all. In the present time many get darsan of Sriji Maharaj along with Bapasri at the time of their death and going to do so in future. There is no bound of their mercy. Bapasri gave darsan in this world. Since he incarnated in this world till today, whatever kind of happiness he gave was always full of variety from day to day. Some could not understand such divine lila of his so they used to say that devotees are chasing Bapasri like mad people. Those who say thus come to us we would tell them that those who have understood his greatness have become wise from mad, and then only they recognised such great capable anadi mukta. You also become wise and understand the greatness of Bapasri and take the pleasure of Maharaj. In this region some also speak like this. Moreover it seems that this type of feeling is there in those who are near to him. We advised all that do not become unfortunate like Jadav who was lacking knowledge of greatness. Bapasri dwelled in this region considering it to be his home so he left no stone unturned in giving happiness to all. You all who were under his shade do not forget his obligations and do not care for the talks about his demerits. All remember Bapasri with divine feeling. We and some devotees of far away places used to come eagerly for Bapasri’s darsan and his seva by sea. Now those who want to come will not come thus hurriedly. Now a days satsang of Kutch is considered to be the most in satsang. Always keep it divine like this. Keep love with one another and enjoy happiness of Murti. Do katha-varta with co-operation. Bapasri has blessed to keep in Murti and do not forget it. There is boundless mercy of Sriji Maharaj and Bapasri on satsang. Infinite muktas always remain engrossed in Murti but whenever a mukta who appears by the sankalpa of Sriji Maharaj he gets you ultimate liberation easily. We have heard that there are infinite muktas in Aksardham but in satsang there are five hundreds paramhamsa besides many saints and thousands and thousands of devotees and many more. Such infinite muktas remain engrossed in Murti- their forms are as divine as Sriji Maharaj. From such great muktas Sriji Maharaj showed some of them here and whomsoever we saw like Bapasri gave ultimate liberation to infinite jivas by their darsan, touch and seva, etc. Such easy ultimate liberation has not been written for other incarnations as it has been written for Maharaj and Anadi muktas. Today Mahaprabhu has made it very easy. This has been written in our each scripture. During the present time Bapasri liberated innumerable in eighty-four years and gave them the highest stage of anadi mukta. Whosoever came in his sight, folded his hands, were given the call of keeping him soon in Murti. Always remember such limitless mercy. If you have committed any guilt of Bapasri by improper thought by mind, deed or words, ask for pardon before Murti in this assembly and henceforth be firm to see with divine feeling. Many such talks were given. At that time the assembly was overcrowded in the temple. Even in the porch of the temple devotees had no place to stand. At that time Ratilalbhai of Jamnagar stood up in the assembly and talked about Bapasri’s divine feeling, wonderful glory and recommended not to forget his obligations. On this occasion P.S.I. Ramjibhai of Tapper who had come in the assembly requested Sadgurus to let him say two words in the assembly. Swami Isvarcharanadasji permitted him. Then he started his lecture with folded hands and addressing saints and devotees said, “This time I have come for darsan. Before, whenever I used to come I did darsan of Murti and Bapasri, at that time I felt that Murti and Bapasri’s appearance seemed as if they were real brothers and their faces were similar to each other. But I was just thinking that God may have or may not have a brother. Such thoughts I kept pressed in my mind. But whenever Bapasri would be in the temple I would specially look at the faces of Sriji Maharaj and Bapasri for a long time. Our work is such that if we had seen a child of two years and we see him after forty or fifty years we could recognise him from his face and know that this was the same face we had seen in his childhood. Similarly, in the faces of Bapasri and Murti I could see similarity and I wondered that thing I am saying it today. Just now Swamisri said that infinite muktas remain engrossed in Murti and their forms are as divine as Maharaj so I definitely felt that this Bapasri is independent anadi mukta dwelling in Murti. I have a little experience of satsang but as I could get benefit of Bapasri’s and saints’ and devotees favour I expressed my thoughts on this occasion so please remain pleased with me and never forget the obligations of Bapasri as has been advised by Swamisri.” At that time all made jai ghosh of Sahajanand Swami Maharaj and finished the katha and then chanted kirtan. Then Swami Vrndavandasji and Swami Isvarcharanadasji became pleased with Ramjibhai, tied a turban on his head and gave him a gift of a Murti and Vachanamrt Rahasyartha Pradipika Ṭika, so he was very much pleased. As it was time for lunch all devotees went to offer meals to Ṭhakorji. In the afternoon also Sadgurus gave many talks about the greatness of Sriji Maharaj and Bapasri and pleased all. When work was over all devotees asked for pleasure of both Sadgurus, etc. saints and went to their respective villages. Thus devotees who had come from every village of Kutch and other places on the occasion of Bapasri’s work got darsan of this brahmayajna. On that occasion Bapasri gave his darsan in the divine form to many devotees and saints-such was Bapasri’s limitless mercy on satsang. || 156 ||