On the day of Jeth Vad 5th, Bapasri said in the assembly held in the temple of Madhapar. He said, “Purani! Do katha by meditating on Murti but do not be simply Purani for the sake of saying only. Maharaj and muktas give their divine luminous darsan in this assembly so, saints and devotees all are full of joy. Greatness of this divine assembly is very much. The work of one who knew Maharaj and muktas has been done much. If the greatness as it is understood, one will become mad with joy. Do not have any doubt in what I say. The one who is very fortunate gets darsan of Sriji Maharaj and of this divine assembly. The thing which one does not get by doing penance, renunciation, religious vows, Yoga, yajna, etc. can be had very easily now. It is instantly available- no question of delay.” While he was talking thus the mason who was constructing throne for temple came for darsan. Bapasri said, “The mason of Vadodara who was making throne for the temple was an expert in artisan. While doing his work, he would get thoroughly absorbed in it. Maharaj told him that his name was famous but at the same time remember Him (Maharaj) but he continued his work and did not look up. Then Maharaj told him to look up and have His darsan. Then he had darsan– work is like this. Therefore, while doing work tendency should be in Murti but should not be the form of activity. I am not scolding anyone but you keep Murti as chief, you will be happy otherwise no work can be done by crores of means without it.” Bapasri talked thus. Then mason prostrated often-Bapasri got up, met him and told him that since he was his (of Bapasri), he was told so and showed his pleasure. || 150 ||